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Major release: Collar.js Version 1.0.0

Finally, here comes the first major release of collar.js: version 1.0.0


Please upgrade both your collar.js version and collar dev tool version to 1.0.0

collar.js version 1.0.0

  • Decouple 3rd party dependencies to make it easier to change in order to adapt to different platforms.
  • Replace Immutable.js with freezejs to reduce package size
  • Include bouton.js source code into collar.js to make it better adapted to collar.js needs, it is possible that in the future, we will merge the newly added bouton.js feature back to bouton.js master branche.
  • Refine the extension mechanism to make it easier to add/cut functionalities.
  • Provide the possibility to use different eventemitter/setImmiediate implementation.
  • Use self implemented event emitter to replace eventemitter3.
  • Reduce package size from 140+KB to 70+KB (minified version).

With collar.js v1.0.0 release, we released the new collar dev tool: collar.js-dev-client version 1.0.0 and collar-dev-server version 1.0.0


  • Replace socket.io with websocket (see: collar-websocket)
  • Remove legacy code, do not support enableDevTool method, please use collar.use(new DevToolAddon(options)) to enable collar.js-dev-client
  • Provide wechat mini program support


  • Replace socket.io with websocket (see: collar-websocket)