/ collar.js release note

collar.js release patch 2016-09-03

Version 0.4.3

Bug fix:

  • function returned from toNode() does not correctly pass error to callback

Version 0.4.2

Add "toNode" function, it turns a collar.js pipeline into a nodejs function

collar.toNode(input: Node, output: Node) : function

Version 0.4.1

This release patch brings "push signal" feature to collar.js

  • collar.js version 0.4.1

push() function do not need a signal as argument. It will wrap any object to a signal

  • collar.js-dev-client version 0.1.6

keep a node map in memory to identify the node easily
be able to receive push() message from the server

  • collar-dev-server version 0.2.1

be able to get push() message from dev tool UI and push it to dev client
add push signal dialog in dev tool UI